Years of Fun!

For over 35 years we have been successfully providing children with unforgettable experiences of trips packed with activities in the magic of the Troodos Mountains.

With the children’s safety and happiness always as our number one priority we have developed programs that encourage teamwork and skills and provide children with fun and adventure in a unique environment.


It’s amazing how much they experience in just one week!

  • Tag Games         
  • Singing               
  • Art                       
  • Catchball             
  • Softball               
  • Tug of War         
  • Dodgeball           
  • Games Night      
  • Wildball               
  • Capture the Flag
  • Swimming           
  • Video Making     
  • Disco                   
  • Tournaments       
  • Dance                 
  • River Walking     
    • Quiz                        
    • Game Design          
    • BBQ                       
    • Productions             
    • Campfire                 
    • Charades               
    • Table Tennis            
    • Jubilee Challenge   

    All In the Beautiful Environment of the Troodos mountains.