In these uncertain times hopefully everybody is doing whatever they can to deal with the situation.
Club Jubilee is optimistic that by July things will have improved.
And that children will be able to have another unbelievable Club Jubilee Experience in sunny Troodos.

We will be taking provisional bookings this week but will defer payment until we are sure that the holiday will go ahead.

 Phone 77778822 and make sure you write down your reference number for later use.

We will send you information about confirmation and payment at a later date.


 Members Booking Days.


Monday 23 March OJ’s

Tuesday 24 March Grade 8

Wednesday 25 March Grade 7

Thursday 26 March Grade 6

Friday 27 March Grade 5 & Grade 4


Remember parents may book a maximum of 4 participants.

The Booking Hours are 8.30 – 12.00



Club Jubilee guarantees its members a place but cannot guarantee a specific week.
Club Jubilee operates a strict quota system for both Grades and Gender.
Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.
To avoid any unnecessary disappointment please make certain your children discuss this with their closest friends to ensure they are on the same week.