Club Jubilee


 The G C School Year 6


2 Days of Excitement and Fun.

Monday 29th & 30th June

Thank you for registering your child

The fee of €110 can be paid either by card by calling : 22681821

Or by Bank Transfer: National Bank of Greece.
CY83006052110000100005554110                  (GCY6)

Deadline is Wednesday 24th June



Day One

We depart from Makarios Stadium on Monday 29th June at 10 am.

On arrival at the Jubilee Hotel the children are welcomed, shown to their rooms and unpack.

Next we have a quick tour of the hotel and grounds to familiarise everyone with the facillities.

Then we split into our groups, meet the Club Jubilee staff and take part in some fun games around the hotel

After lunch we set off on a beautiful hike through the hills and forests of Troodos.

The evening is one for the memories. We finish our hike in the mountains and have a delicious BBQ .

Then we roast marshmallows and sit together round a campfire, under the stars, singing our hearts out.

The action packed day finishes with a Disco including special party games.


Day Two.

After breakfast the morning is devoted to the Club Jubilee Challenge, a series of activities which test our collective talent and creativity!

After lunch we pack and rooms are checked to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Next we visit Troodos Square for some souvenirs of our trip.

At 4 pm we say a sad farewell and board the coach to make the journey home.

Healthy, happy and full of wonderful memories of the experiences we had with all our friends at Club Jubilee.


Children will be accommodated in rooms of 2


Notes to Parents:

This list is intended as a guide:
  • Night wear
  • Socks for Hiking
  • T-shirts / short sleeve shirts
  • Sweat shirt / Hoodie
  • Shorts
  • Trainers
  • No more than 20 euros spending money
  • Water Bottle
  • Disco Gear
  • Warm Clothes for Campfire
  • Bathroom items
  • Lip salve / sun creme
  • A small backpack for hiking
  • No Junk Food


Club Jubilee cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal equipment.

All Medicines must be handed in and will be administered by staff.

Club Jubilee is all about having fun together so we discourage the use of mobile devices such as tablets, phones, pods and hand-held gaming consoles.


Please be aware that during activities the use of mobiles is not allowed.

The best time to contact your child is in between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Please do not phone at other times as they will be in activities having fun.

In an emergency please contact Jenny 99366637


We need to be informed of any special dietary requirements before the trip

Please be prompt on departure day and to greet them on arrival



Meeting point: Next to Makarios Stadium

Departure time: Monday 10.00 am

Arrival time: Tuesday 5:00 pm.